Gluten Free Made Easy – Cooking Class review

Hi Guys, Soph here

Thought I’d write a wee review on a Gluten free Cooking Class I at tented with my flatmate back in January and I’m not lying when I say it was awesome! Not only did I get to eat everything they made, which was ALOT like a entire table filled, it also tasted incredible unlike to terrible stuff you buy in supermarkets or get dished up on plane rides when you can’t even pronounce two of the ingredients! They demonstrated and explained why they used which flours and the benefits of each and the exciting thing was because everything was simple, full of good stuff meaning no MSG, no gluten (obviously) could replace the diary in there recipes easily, no added flavours or preservatives and they used many super foods such as quinoa, chai seeds, and nuts.
Judy and Neville the team behind GFME (Gluten Free Made Easy) were so lovely and had so much experience in the food industry when they kept finding people who were asking for gluten free products in there cafe, so neville started creating and making these incredible foods -breads, cakes, biscuits, slices, crackers. replacing the usual flours for gluten free friendly ones and has now been experimenting with the process for 20 years and has these recipes down packed!

Since the class I have been making my own bread with my Kenwood cake mixer (early birthday present, thanks mum!) because gluten dough’s are a bit tough to mix fully in a typical bread maker. All my breads have turned out absolutely amazing with no holes – the expect ion of once because I thought the mixture didn’t look quiet right and added some more flour… oops I cut the bread in half once it had cooled an there was a massive hole in it haha. Was pretty funny cause I was just saying how good I was getting at it too.

Processed with Rookie

I highly recommend anyone who is gluten free and wants to bake there own breads, snacks well basically anything, to do this cooking class. It goes for the day and you get to take home there recipe manual and ALL the leftover foods 🙂

Head on over to there website to sign up for their online recipe club which has some super yummy recipes and for all occasions, I know they have just released there Hot Cross Buns who could resist that! Gluten free Made Easy Website

Or check them out on their Facebook Page here, Gluten free made easy 

Get creating and making, experiment with different flours, flavours and ingredients you’ll have some ones that work and some that are awful but in the end you’ll find one that works for you 🙂

Megs and Soph x

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